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Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Plot was good, but Nora was all over the place in this one. Example: on one page, her loyalty switched twice. "I would do anything in my power to help [group A]." "I had to save every one of [group B]."--with no acknowledgement at all of the opposition of these ideas. The juxtaposition would have been just fine, with some little caveat, but as it stood, I'm just left going, "HUH???"There seem to be missing bits of information like this all over the place. The only conclusion I can come to, having now read the whole series, is that Fitzpatrick's pitfall in writing is assuming that her readers are able to follow her natural leaps in thought. You know--those people who say something, and then their next comment seems to be a total non-sequitur? Then you all have a laugh at the seeming weirdness of the comment, and you get the explanation of how some silent thought process got the person from point A to point B, and it all makes sense. That kind of silent thinking seems to be exactly what's happening here, and I had to do a lot of re-reading of paragraphs to figure out what the process might have been. First rule of writing: explain everything. That said, she does do a much better job as she rolls along through the books. They're interesting, and the characters keep you hooked. Vee is great, and Patch is kind of yummy after book 1 (where I found him a little confusing and almost too dark). Scott grew on me, big-time. And Nora has her moments. I was a little disappointed by the big, climactic drama in this one--it was over quickly and fell a little flat. But the ending was good.