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Hush, Hush  - Becca Fitzpatrick OK, so I have to give the same caveat I got when this one was loaned to me: that it's not that well written, it's sort of a rip-off of Twilight, but that the sequels are better. That in mind, there was some serious groaning over the juvenile quality of Fitzpatrick's writing ability. The author clearly has a specific vision in mind for her characters and plot, but not particularly great ability to express what they're thinking and feeling, and so we're left feeling confused and excluded. Without understanding anything about a character's thoughts or motives, it's awfully hard to feel interested in what's happening to them. But, you'll notice, I read it anyway. All that said, I also read the little "sneak peek" of book 2 in the back, and was shocked by the change in the writing. Thoughts! Feelings! Explanations! New editor? Who knows. But that initial warning was certainly right.