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The Lost Symbol - OK, so if you hated The DaVinci Code, you'll probably hate this, too. But I enjoy a little bit of entertainment now and then, despite whether or not the details are exactingly accurate or the theory's at all plausible. I'm just in it for the story, KWIM? And Dan Brown does entertain, as long as you're not looking for a cerebral powerhouse of a novel. I was especially interested to read this one once I discovered it involved the Freemasons. I'll admit that I know nary a detail about what the Masons actually do, but I keep hearing all about their supposed similarity to Mormonism. Let me just say right now: if any of the details about the Masons' rituals are accurate, there is NO resemblance. I didn't recognize a thing, and I was a little frightened to think that there are people out there who believe that's what we're doing inside the temple. Strange as it may seem that we keep quiet about our ceremonies, I promise there's no fake death, no coffins, no drinking out of skulls...you get the picture. But I was interested to read about all of it, and could definitely see how easily it could all be taken out of context. There's certainly some similarity between our organizations there. In any event, it was a decent read. A bit of intrigue, a bit of puzzle-solving, a bit of entertainment.