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The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day - Interesting. I read this book after having seen the movie many, many times over the years and having fallen in love with it. It's interesting to compare the two and see from where the movie took it's story and characters, but in some ways it was difficult to read the original. Though I heard Stevens' voice as Anthony Hopkins (which was thoroughly enjoyable), I didn't think he was written quite as well as he was acted. Hopkins and Emma Thompson put a great deal of emotion into the lines (which remain just as they're written here), yet I found that emotion not to be inherent in the text. Some of the scenes that I knew to be so highly charged seemed to be empty and rushed on the page, which was a bit disappointing. It may simply have been the result of my familiarity with the film, but I've not found that to be the case before. It was a bit disconcerting. In any event, I did still enjoy the book--most especially the ending which helps to make the title more clear. I'm anxious to read another of Ishiguro's novels to see what I think.