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Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi

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Some of you might have seen my Instagram about this book, in which I admitted to refreshing the Kindle Store about seventyzillion times after midnight, until I could download Into the Still Blue.

True story. I have enjoyed this series so much, and I could not wait to get my hot little hands on the final book. I was a little nervous, though: would it live up to all the hype I’d built up in my head?

Oh, man. Guys, there were goosebumps. There were moments when people had to wait a minute to talk to me, because they weren’t allowed to interrupt the crazy scene happening in the book. Friends, there might even (definitely. were.) have been tears! But only the good kind, I promise.

Still Blue is explosive, emotionally. If Under the Never Sky was action-packed, and Through the Ever Night was a little slower and more psychologically well-developed, Still Blue pulls a classic Joey Tribbiani and puts those hands together. The result is, in short, spectactular. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but let’s just say Rossi is fantastic at leaving us hanging just…long…enough. Omgosh.

Rossi’s writing is full of lush descriptions and fantastic new settings, and I so enjoyed the character development that was happening amidst all the action. I particularly warmed to Loran. His character was (no spoilers) exactly as it should be, despite his questionable motives, and he seemed just right, to me, even before we knew what he would become. The scene when he lets Aria kick him in the face is particularly heartwarming. That sounds nuts until you read it. :) Rossi’s ability to create complex characters whom we love, often because of their weaknesses and not just in spite of them, is just some of what makes her a great writer. These books have hit #6 on the NY Times Bestselling Series List–no surprise to anyone who’s read them. They’re just that engaging.

4.5 stars, only because I was a little confused about the big scene with Cinder; I felt like I was left hanging a bit. But I pretty much loved every minute of this one. Super clean.