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Infinityglass  - Myra McEntire Review from : fefferbooks.com.

Usually, I do not condone dragging a series out longer than three books (if that’s even necessary; honestly, what ever happened to writing a standalone book? Sometimes that’s okay!), but so help me, if Infinityglass is really the end of the Hourglass series, I will be a very sad reader indeed.

Myra McEntire is extraordinarily clever, really, having set the books up this way. She drew us in to her world, fabulously, with Emerson and Michael’s story/relationship/craziness in Hourglass. Then, in a move I usually dislike, she swapped points of view and gave us Kaleb’s story in book two, Timepiece. I found myself bummed for about three seconds, and then entirely immersed in and sympathetic to Kaleb’s whole…thing. (Just read it. You’ll see.) At the same time, McEntire fleshes out the whole “family” even more, giving us nice chunks of time with the characters we already know and love, and letting us really enjoy the cameraderie these characters have: they’re X-men teen. But hotter (ahem). And with more …playfulness? Love? Mutual trust? They’re the kind of people you actually want to know and hang out with.

In Infinityglass, the focus switches to Dune, who’s the character I felt perhaps I knew the least about. I. love. Dune. I love Dune even more than Michael, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. In Dune, McEntire’s written a character so imbued with kindness and maturity and thoughtfulness and protectiveness, it’d be hard to believe such a guy exists if I weren’t married to one. :) Dune’s fantastic. And for every bit as lovely as he is, Hallie is just plain fun. The whole book is a blast to read, and the plot drives the entire series well, while giving us some new meat to chew on.

I enjoyed this book so much, I want to go back and read it again. And then maybe the whole series. Love.

Some references to older teens having sex and maybe some mild language? I need to go back and check. I read it a week ago, now, and I can’t remember. Nothing major, for sure. 5 stars.