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Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano I wasn't, initially, terribly interested in reading this book, because: polygamy? Really? I just wasn't feeling it. But after beginning two other books that were pretty miserably written, I decided to give Wither a try.It's actually shockingly good. I found myself completely sucked in to De Stephano's world. The fact that Rhine's been kidnapped helps, from a reader's point of view, enormously. We have time to warm up to the whole concept, without having to swallow the notion that any woman would be overjoyed at the idea of sharing her husband. Regarding the writing, it's clean (both language and style-wise), intelligent, emotional without being cloying, and full of rich description. DeStephano doesn't leave me with that feeling some YA authors do: that she's simply trying too hard.Above all, Wither is interesting. There were a few small plot points I wanted explained, and having begun book 2, I can see that we're headed there already. I'm satisfied.