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Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin This book fell squarely between "not bad" and "I wasn't in love." I was a little disappointed, because I really enjoyed Ashfall--it's the kind of book I recall at random times, and think I will read again. I think Ashfall's charm lay in the strength of the relationship between Alex and Darla, and how they were forced to rely on each other while undergoing such a bizarre set of circumstances due to a natural disaster. Darla is the far more interesting character, and I really enjoy her voice and strength. Sadly, Darla is absent for much of this book, which focuses on Alex, and his mismanaged travels to find and save her. So much of the book seems like repeating episodes: Alex meets bad guys, Alex fights bad guys, Alex gets saved at the last minute by a friend. He seems closer to his goal, and then something bad happens. Repeat ad-nauseum. There just isn't enough else going on in the novel to break things up, and it's a little tedious. I did appreciate the addition of Ben. His character was delightful, and I hope we'll see more of him in book 3.