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Just One Day - Gayle Forman Two things:1)It's the kind of plot I would have loved as a teen, but as a mother, the thought of my daughter reading it makes me cringe. That said, I did enjoy it.2) I really liked these characters, and found their story believable (if frustrating, but that's the point). But I was constantly irritated by the author's use of "she loved him, so she just knew" to avoid having to explain any plot holes. Weak, from an otherwise strong writer. And, by the same token, if Allyson "just knows" everything she needs to know, why the bleep didn't she look for a note when he left? LAME.An entertaining read, plot-holes and all. Loved all the ancillary characters and the attention to detail in the settings. Good character development and an interesting ending. Bummer: some language.