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Outside - a post-apocalyptic novel - Shalini Boland I had just really bland feelings about this one. I thought it had real undeveloped potential, and maybe that had to do with the fact that it was self-published, and needed and editor to push things along a bit. The plot idea was interesting, and the idea of the two narrators could have been dynamic, but it fell flat--Eleanor's storyline was so disconnected (until 85%) that it seemed completely odd and unnecessary. When it did finally come together, it seemed rushed, because it lacked any buildup of tension or, frankly, much emotion. The relationship between Luc and Riley was much the same. I liked them, as people, but the idea of a romance between them wasn't believable. The mystery they were chasing seemed to be dropped flat on its face, as well. On a technical note: I love and highly support the idea of self-publishing, but if you're going to do it, you HAVE to copy-edit your manuscript really, really well. Or at least run it through Word's grammar check. This author has a relationship with commas that I've not seen in all my years of editing; it was really bizarre and distracting. There were a few other grammatical errors and typos, too, but they weren't as big a deal.