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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young Hmm. I think this one's way overhyped. I wanted more. What are the "Wrecker" cities--what happened to them, and most of civilization, for that matter? Seems like it wouldn't have taken much to explain the basic setting of the book. The decision to write the book in dialect was interesting. I don't mind books in dialect. Sometimes I think it adds great richness to the narrator(s). This time, I think it allowed the author to neglect writing with emotion or depth. I flew through the book without really caring about what was happening to the characters, even during what were clearly supposed to be seminal scenes. It became a distraction. Or maybe I'm just giving the accent too much credit, and the author wouldn't have written with much attention to emotion, anyway. Also: how the bleep do you pronounce "Lugh??"I think I'd have really enjoyed Blood Red Road if it had been a short story about what happens when she's in Hopetown. The rest of the book is pretty "meh."