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Life Among the Savages

Life Among the Savages - Shirley Jackson

Um.... I guess I've decided I'm not really a short story person. "Savages" has a bit of a narrative thread running through, which saves it from boring me to death like most short story collections, but I guess I really want my reading to have an arc from beginning to end, and not just little ones throughout with no real purpose or denouement. I found some portions of this book extraordinarily funny, and others were just...there. But there wasn't a point to the "there," because it wasn't explication for any central plot or--see what I mean? I guess I just don't love short stories. Overall, Jackson is witty and observant and extremely clever. I was lost, at times, trying to figure out what her children's nonsense meant--I could have used a little more help/realization that she didn't know, either and we were on the same page--but generally, as a middle-aged parent, most things were relateable and funny.