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Matched (Matched, #1) - Ally Condie I liked it. OK, so it's a little "The Giver" and a little "Hunger Games," but it's got some originality, too, and enough that I wasn't bothered by the parallels. (Honestly, I found The Giver distressing--whether because the protagonist is so young or because the community's members were so powerless, I don't know, but I really disliked it.)I did find myself a bit...discomfited by the love triangle at first. I have issues with disloyalty. But I think Condie turned me around by the end. I'll be interested to see what the next book brings. ETA: I meant to add that I particularly appreciated the points made about the lasting qualities of art and its intrinsic value. I was cheering Condie on from the gallery, there. :)