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Beethoven's Hair: An Extraordinary Historical Odyssey and a Scientific Mystery Solved - Russell Martin I'm a musician, and I love Beethoven. But I also love good writing. There are enough facts on record regarding the author's subject--and he knows this; he's included them in the book--to avoid having to make any wild suppositions about the lives of his real-life characters. It's bothering me no end. I'm also irritated by the complete lack of chronology here. It's a non-fiction book purporting to follow the life of a lock of hair; I don't mind a bit of jumping around, but I find myself irritated when within just one chapter, we're bouncing from an event at the end of the year, back to the middle of the year, leading into an explanation of the event that started the chapter. Actually, I rescind that. In some books, that works quite well. It's just that this author has trouble with his transitions, and it all seems like a disjointed mess.