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The Shadow Prince  - Bree Despain

(Note: I received this book as an ARC from Edelweiss. Current release date March 11, 2014.)This was my first Bree Despain, but I will definitely be going right out to track down more of her earlier novels. Right from the first chapter, I was completely swept away. Despain's story is completely full of atmosphere and gravitas and people who are fascinating and scary and a little awesome, in the traditional sense of the word.The true joy of the novel is its protagonist, Daphne, whom we get to hear from in alternating chapters. Haden (her male counterpart) and Daphne are both strong, independent voices, and Despain does a nice job of making them seem different. I found Daphne a heroine to truly love--she's introspective, compassionate, driven, and determined. She's also a musician, which I particularly related to and enjoyed.Despain gives us a fun mystery/adventure/romance that clips along at a steady pace, with several secondary characters to push the story along (and make things more mysterious!) and a little Greek mythology mixed in between. It's an entertaining ride. Couple of mild profanities and a little blood & guts (really, one scene) in the last quarter of the book. Otherwise clean. 4 stars.More on this book on fefferbooks.com!