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Mind Games - Kiersten White Review originally published on fefferbooks.com.

I received a lovely, glossy, *autographed* copy of Mind Games right from the hands of Kiersten White herself. I’d like to pretend it’s because I’m superfancy, but really it’s just because I follow her on Twitter like the giant book geek I am, and I won a contest. But still: how cool is that?? An author mailed me a book! In the mail! For free! And I got to choose which one I wanted. I was pretty excited.

Before I read Mind Games, I saw several reviews here on Goodreads along the lines of “It wasn't White’s best/I didn't love it as much as her vampire books blahblah,” so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved the synopsis. I was just as pleased by my experience with the book. This was my first exposure to White, and I really loved her writing. She has an excellent ability to throw you immediately inside the head of her main character. It’s an interesting trick, in Mind Games, making you connect with Fia, when the first thing you learn about her is that she’s about to murder someone. The entire book is spent playing mental catch-up with Fia and her sister, Annie, and I thought it was great fun putting the pieces together. The structure is clever and the characters are unique and memorable. I’ll be adding more of Kiersten White to my reading list, for sure!

No swearing, sex, or smut. (yay!) Fight scenes and some blood, but not portrayed in a gory way. 4 stars.